Mural Art - Stunning Art on walls

Trompe L'Oeil- most experienced mural artist Artis Karnishauskis Living part time in Barcelona- Spain . 

Murals-Trompe L'oeil Artist. Belgian  Muralist. Optical Illusion Painter. Trompe l'oeil ('trick of the eye') is the term used for the technique of using realistic imagery to create an optical illusion of depth.

Are your walls looking a little bare? Do you need a mural? Have a creative problem that needs an artist to solve it?

Artist Artis Karnishauskis is among an elite group of mural artists sought after by discerning homeowners for their ability to transform any living space into an immersive, painted beautiful environment. Instead of painting on canvas in the studio, He prefers to work in clients’ homes using the walls and ceilings
In the past Artis Karnishauskis has completed many commissions in America , Spain ,Italy and locally in Spain.

Whether you are interested in specialty hand painted art or murals for your home in Spain,or business don't hesitate to contact Him.